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Project Description
Implementation of special collections (AVL Tree, Binary Tree, Skip List, Trie, ...)

.Net Collections should be a summery of interesting collections which are not yet implemented in the .Net Framework. However since the way a collection is implemented is not always specified in MSDN it might be that for instance SortedSet already uses one of those collections I'll implement here.

up to version 1.0 the following collections should be implemented and have some performance comparison:

  • Trie
  • SkipList
  • Tree
    • BinaryTree
    • AVLTree
  • BucketCollection

for Version 2.0 those collections should get some ReadOnly-Possibilities and a be ThreadSafe

for Version 3.0 the collections shouldn't be just ThreadSafe but also perform faster when used concurrently.

If this library is useful for you, please consider to 

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